Renewable energy projects top 230 MW by year end

Renewable energyThe plan calls for the entry of 100 megawatts of wind energy

Plans to develop renewable energy sources and cut the use of polluting fuels are moving, albeit slowly, if the National Energy Plan’s goals are analyzed.

The plan calls for the entry of 100 megawatts of wind energy, to reach 560 MW, with an annual increase of 50 MW starting in 2014.

Despite that there’s only about 85 MW of wind energy currently fed into the national grid, better results are expected this year.

Current renewable energy projects will generate 230 megawatts to the grid at a cost of around US$500 million, according to National Energy Commission (CNE) figures.

The CNE has initiatives for several projects expected to produce 150 MW from the wind, 50 MW from biomass and 30 from the sun, totaling 230 MW by year end.

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