MARCH 2012

Nuria Piera awarded by the United States

nuria-piera-v01The Women of Courage plaque for her work

Leading television investigative journalist Nuria Piera has received the Women of Courage plaque for her work in the Dominican Republic. She is also in the running for the international award, according to the United States embassy.

The feisty commentator said she was honored by the recognition as well as the nominations, which were delivered by Ambassador Raul Yzaguirre in the company of other officials.

Piera recalled that the Women of Courage is awarded as part of International Women's Day celebrations in the US.

She said that women still have a long way to go, pointing out that many women still don't have rights and cannot study and are forced into arranged marriages.

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Dominican Republic Live, from Dominican Today, 09.03.12, 12.20 p.m.

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