Quiksilver Women

Spring summer 2009

Quiksilver is more than just a clothes brand; it’s a true quality reference for the surfers all around the world, since the Californian waves until the Australian seas. Created in 1970 in Torquay, Australian State of Victoria, the name offers young and innovating surf wear… but not only !
The Australian name also offers clothes to wear every day, and even created a line made only for women.

Quiksilver Women

The clothes are casual, legs and shoulders disrobe themselves with shorts and dresses with adventurous cuts.

Quiksilver Women

The hair is romantically tousled and Spartan shoes wear the feet, Quicksilver plays with simplicity, with the colors too, with gentle shades but perfectly combined.

Quiksilver Women Quiksilver Women Quiksilver Women

In the swimwear we find more bright colors and nice stripes. Is the Quicksilver woman adventurer and natural ? Yes ! Affected and pretentious ? Never !

By Lucie H