Ndeur shoes

A special Art

If we look the tendencies of the winter2009 in what refers to the shoes, the court shoes will be an important part of the clothing.

Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes

For those who like it but to who they seem too classical or serious, Mathieu Missiaen, alias Ndeur, decorates them and gives them a new youngness, to make all the women happy.

Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes

Already famous on MySpace, his creations surprise and seduce instantaneously.

Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes

Some models recall the baroque spirit with detailed drawings and elegant colors, others, more pop, show spicy colors, while some others are much more urban, as the ones with tags of the street.

Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes Ndeur shoes

In any case, the work is amazingly artistic, and it’s a new and daring breeze that blows over the classical court shoes that become art masterpieces.

By Lucie H