Original Converse

For all tastes but always nice

The shoes incontestably are part of the fashion universe, and the designers enjoy offering us nice designs and worked and varied models.
The Converse name decided to ask various artists and illustrators to create unique and original models for the 1HUND(RED) line.

Original Converse Original Converse Original Converse

#12 Dr Romanelli / #58 Steve Monti /#33 Mike Schall

The #12 Dr Romanelli is very simple but original, with its bandage decoration and its chocolate colors.
The #58 Steve Monti plays with the shapes and humor too, with the paper silhouettes.
The #33 Mike Schall retakes piping drawings that combines very well with the shoe.

Original Converse Original Converse Original Converse

#38 Scott Patt /#32 Noemi Riesbesel /Space Chuck Taylor

In more sharp colors, the #38 Scott Patt offers a rainbow that seems to shine from the Converse sign.
The #32 Noemi Riesbesel is interested in words that are superimposed for a very colored effect.
The Space by Chuck Taylor doesn’t take part of the 1HUND(RED) collection, but it proposes a model with comics illustration that is very attractive.

Original Converse Original Converse Original Converse

#3 de Camilla Engman/Grateful Dead /Sailor Jerry

And then, there are the models that retakes only a little drawing, as the very nice #3 version by Camilla Engman with its Little Red Riding Hood  , the Grateful Dead by Chuck Taylor with multicolored laces, and the Sailor Jerry.

By Lucie H