Leaf Lounger by Dedon

A classic object of the outside decoration

As in the fashion world, in decoration and design there are some classics, objects over which the time do not modifies the elegance and the esthetical perception.

This is the case of the Leaf Lounger created by Dedon that took its inspiration in the nature and adopted the shapes of a leaf lightly put on the ground.

More or less wide, as you like it, it’s declined in brown and beige, simple and natural colors, characteristic of the name. It comes with a wonderful table, and is handmade.

The fluid and voluptuous forms of the leaf inspire resting and relaxation, and combine perfectly with a simple and natural ambiance, which is normally found next to a swimming pool or on a terrace.

Leaf Lounger by Dedon Leaf Lounger by Dedon

By Lucie H