Events by sectors in Dominican Republic

Events in Santo Domingo

Events in Santo DomingoThere’s always something to do in the dominican capital

¿You live in Santo Domingo ? In this section you will find the next events to be held in the Dominican capital.

Concerts, conferences, sports activities…

Events in Santiago

Events in SantiagoHave fun in the ciudad corazón

The ciudad corazón (heart city) has many things to offer to its visitors and inhabitants. The Gran Arena del Cibao has welcomed several important concerts of international stars.

Don’t miss the last events to take place in the second city of the country !

Events in Las Terrenas

Events in Las TerrenasA unique night-life

Las Terrenas, with its white sand beaches is one of the most visited tourist poles in the country…

But did you know the night-life of this village has contributed greatly to its reputation ?

See the next events here !

Events in La Romana

Events in La RomanaMega concerts in an unforgettable ambiance

La Romana, and more precisely the Altos de Chavón amphitheatre welcome many important concerts… in an unforgettable ambiance.

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