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Cabrera GuideCabrera and Río San Juan, calm and wild nature

Cabrera and Río San Juan are towns in María Trinidad Sánchez province, Dominican Republic. Thay are located at the eastern end of the county’s north coast, at the western extreme of the Bahía Escocesa, 130 kilometers north of Santo Domingo.

It is a small town with little tourism infrastructure. Cabrera is one of the sections that from along with Rio San Juan, Nagua, El factor form the province.

The town was originally named Tres Amarras, the name it used to be called since its foundation day on July 1, 1891. The city was renamed to Cabrera in honor of the hero of the Capotillo Battle, General José Cabrera.

Today Cabrera has a territorial area of 276 km². With a population of over 39,000, Cabrera unlike most towns located on the coasts does not depend so much on tourism. Cabrera’s main source of income is cattle, meat, and milk. In the agricultural aspect, production of coconuts and rice are noticeable sources as well.

Cabrera Guide

Cabrera is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic. Located facing the Atlantic, Cabrera has one of the most beautiful beaches, rivers, exotic vegetation and many natural attractions. A National Park reserve is located in El Breton, a small section of Cabrera called Cabo Frances Viejo.

The current mayor is Jorge Cavoli, the youngest of all mayors on the island. Cavoli was born in Cabrera and leads the town in one of the most economically stable times ever. Former NYC councilman, Guillermo Linares is also native from Cabrera. A strong foreign community works closely with Cavoli to enhance the safety, serenity and beauty of the town through various charitable foundations.

Cabrera’s mainstream religion is the Christian Evangelic Church; this is not true for most towns in the island since Catholicism is the official religion in the Dominican Republic. However, Cabrera has a prominent and recently renovated Catholic church located in the city center.

The most attractive beach in the area is Playa Grande (Big Beach), cited by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Other local beaches include Playa Precioso, El Diamante (Diamond Beach), Playa La Entrada, El Caleton de Dario (Orchid Bay Beach), El Caleton del Medio, and El Caleton Chiquito.


Guillermo Linares, born in Cabrera, is a former NYC council man and current Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Jorge Cavoli, also born in Cabrera, has been mayor of Cabrera for two terms. El Prodigio, Krency Garcia. Famous accordion Musician

The Playa Grande

The Playa Grande Cabrera area, beginning approximately 120 km east of Puerto Plata, has become increasingly popular for two reasons: it’s spectacularly unspoiled white powder-sand beach and the incredible Robert Trent Jones - designed 18 hole golf course.

Many visitors to this area stay in Cabrera and Río San juan, located approximately 5 km east of Playa Grande. This coastal area offers some of the most exclusive private villas in the country, with unbelievable views of the ocean.
Whether you choose to stay in this area, or visit on a day trip, you will not be disappointed.

Playa Grande Beach was rated as ’one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world’ by Condé Nast travel magazine. Along with the soft, powder-like sand, the beach is lined with tall coconut palms and bordered on each side by rugged coral formations and cliffs.

The big waves this area enjoys makes it a popular spot for surfing and body/boogie boarding.
Just behind the beach are a number of food vendors who vie to be the first to offer you their freshly prepared seafood dishes and refreshments, served on tables in front of their establishments, or brought right to your chair on the beach ! If you enjoy golf, you will not want to miss having a round at the Playa Grande Golf Course.

The course was designed to take full advantage of the area’s beauty with ten holes following the cliffs overlooking the incredibly blue Atlantic Ocean below.

Postal code of Cabrera and Río San Juan

Postal code : 57000

Dominican Republic’s North Central region

Postal code of Cabrera

El Diamante Beach in Cabrera

El Diamante Beach in Cabrera

The waterfall

The waterfall

El Lago (lagoon) Dudú

El Lago (lagoon) Dudú