The best restaurants in Cabarete 2017

Serenade Restaurant

Serenade Restaurant CabareteFor all the tastes

Pizza, fish, salads, red meat, pastas or vegetarian meal, there are dished for all the tastes.

At the Villa Taina Hotel, on Cabarete beach.

Bliss Restaurant

Bliss Restaurant CabareteA unique ambiance in Cabarete

A unique ambiance in Cabarete, and the dishes are nothing less enchanting, perfecting the combination of French cuisine with ropical ingredients.

Entrance of the Callejon de la Loma (Road to the Cabarete Caves).

Pomodoro Restaurant

Pomodoro Restaurant CabareteItalian pizza and pastas

True Italian pizza and pastas by true Italians.

On the beach, Cabarete bay, Pasillo Don Chiche.

Miro’s Restaurant

Miro’s Restaurant CabareteA hodge-podge of cultures

A hodge-podge of cultures, flavors, and art, Miro is one of the more interesting restaurants on Cabarete bay. Delicious sushis.

Center of Cabarete beach.

Tropicoco Restaurant

Tropicoco Restaurant CabareteInternational dishes, buffet

International dishes. Barbecue and buffets on Saturday night.

Center of Cabarete.

Bambu Bar Restaurant

Bambu Bar Restaurant CabareteInternational food

Restaurant from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., international food.

Center of Cabarete beach.

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