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They died of natural causes

Dominican Republic Live, 10.19.19, 9:10am

Autopsies reported by officials found that some of the victims died due to pneumonia, pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest or cerebral trauma

FBI investigating the mysterious deaths of 11 Americans in the Dominican Republic this year have found that they all died of natural causes. Authorities in Dominican Republic have maintained that all 11 Americans died of natural causes…

How to obtain your Residence in the Dominican Republic

Dominican ResidenceThe different types of visas, residences, and naturalization

Dominican Republic Live, 08.06.19, 3:40pm

If you are planning to settle in the Dominican Republic, be advised that it is no longer possible to enter the Dominican Republic as a tourist and then apply for residence…

Arrival of tourists to the DR grows 4.8% in January-March

View of Punta Cana from an airplaneBetween January and April, the country received 2,460,423 foreign passengers and non-resident Dominicans by air

Dominican Republic Live, 05.21.19, 10:15am

The arrival of tourists to the Dominican Republic grew by 4.8% in the first four months of the year compared to the same period in 2018, the Central Bank (BC) reported Friday…

Central Bank says economy grew 5.7% in January-March 2019

Banco Central of Santo DomingoIndicates that the construction sector was one of the fastest growing

Dominican Republic Live, 05.21.19, 10:15am

The governor of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), Héctor Valdez Albizu, announced that the Dominican Republic registered a real gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 5.7%, during the January-March 2019 period…

2019 Hurricane Season Predictions

3 Hurricanes in the CaribbeanThe season is expected to be slightly below average

Dominican Republic Live, 04.28.19, 11:15pm

As a sign of its approach, scientists have released their first forecasts for the 2019 season, which runs from the beginning of June to Nov. 30. Their predictions do offer some hope for beleaguered residents of the Caribbean, Gulf Coast and Eastern seaboard…

Frederik Jacobsen : new CEO for Flycana

Plane FlycanaFlycana will help The Dominican Republic and the wider Caribbean Region to develop air transportation

Dominican Republic Live, 02.26.19, 8:20pm

Today Flycana is happy to announce the appointment of a new CEO – Frederik Jacobsen. Fred brings a wealth of aviation industry knowledge and experience that will be key to the success of Flycana…

Original Resorts & the Cisneros Group in Tropicalia, Miches

Logo Original GroupOriginal Resorts has more than 35 years of experience in the Mexican hotel industry

Dominican Republic Live, 01.08.19, 9:10am

The tourist group Original Resorts, directed by Rodrigo de la Peña, is joining Four Seasons, Club Med, as well as other projects that will see the light in the short term…

Dominican Republic LCC Flycana set for 2023 launch

Logo FlycanaPlans to operate a fleet of 28 aircraft to over 50 destinations

Dominican Republic Live, 18.05.18, 10am

Dominican Republic-based startup Dominican Wings is rebranding as Flycana, the first LCC in the Caribbean, according to owner and founder Victor Pacheco. The new airline is looking toward a 2023 launch, with plans to operate a fleet of 28 aircraft to over 50 destinations, carrying 6.5 million passengers a year…

Government wants 3,000 hotels rooms in Bahía de las Aguilas

Bahía de las AguilasPedernales an exciting tourist destination with a modern airport

Dominican Republic Live, 08.15.17, 3:50p.m.

The Presidency announced it wants 3,000 hotel rooms and a modern international airport in Pedernales to spur tourism development in the south westernmost province. Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García said President Danilo Medina in his most recent visit to the area of the Bahía de las Aguilas beach accompanied by Sunwing and TUI vacation group executives, highlighted the tourism potential of the region and said that development for the tourism sector would begin immediately…

Living in the Dominican Republic on $1,000 a month

Sosua, Infiniti Blu, Dominican RepublicPuerto Plata, Sosúa, Samaná, Punta Cana, Jarabacoa and Constanza

Dominican Republic Live, 04.19.17, 7:30p.m.

The Dominican Republic is an island nation in the Caribbean situated between Cuba and Puerto Rico. The country's 18,700 square miles of territory extends over more than half of the island it shares with Haiti. It is home to a diverse natural landscape that includes white-sand beaches, fertile plains and breathtaking mountain ranges that reach elevations over 10,000 feet, the highest in the region. The Dominican Republic is also home to a growing population of expatriates, who live in cities throughout the country…

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